Tosoff Music Services Fall Registration Form 2001

A 10 Week Course for Adults and Piano Instructors in Jazz, Blues and Improvisation

Course is an introduction to blues, jazz, and improvisation. A 10 week Piano Course for Adults with previous piano experience or Piano Teachers who wish to learn jazz basics, blues progressions and improvisation techniques as well as chord substitutions to enhance a songs character. Some of the ideas used will be closed chords (C-7 to F13, F-7 to Bb13 etc.) with exercises to develop improvisation ideas. Playing these exercises in different keys. Voicing of closed chords, blending in melody line on top. The students will develop their own song out of these progressions.

Other areas covered will be taking simplified jazz standards and use chord substitutions or fraction chords. “Fake”,  music will be used to show student how to develop a song from a bare bones approach. Other areas covered will be walking bass lines, Circle of Fifth exercises, and left and right hand comping exercises. The student will gain insight how jazz players approach the songs by  analyzing various creative possibilities,  incorporating own ideas and arranging song accordingly 

Binder included with course outline and music, sheet music with arrangements.


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