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    The birth of Jazz and its growth

    Jazz has developed into one of the most popular forms of music in North America and Europe.

    Whether one listens to the variety of jazz genres or participates in playing the music, there is an unique quality about this art form. Styles of Jazz

    Some Jazz songs sound more energetic and some come across as more easy listening.
    Still others are more bluesy and sad, yet many will make us want to snap our fingers to the beat.

    We have Jazz Standards, we have the Jazz-Rock or better know as Jazz Fusion We have Swing and Ragtime, We have the Blues , which have a constant phrase and harmony structure, but offer the opportunity to improvise on top.

    Listening to Jazz

    It is important to listen to a variety of different Jazz Pianists in order to appreciate the many styles and varieties of Jazz Pianists

    Bill Evans, Erroll Garner, Thelonius Monk, George Shearing, Oscar Peterson are some suggestions. Other Modern players would be Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and Keith Jarret.

    Jazz is more then what meets the ears

    So as you see Jazz is more then Music.
    Jazz and Music in general is an art form.
    It is from music that we can appreciate the different cultures and unique beauty in each that is a mirror of mankind.

    Music is the personification of mans creativity.
    Music of the ages tells us a story of mankind in a way, it is about the struggles, the hopes, the fears and the genius of man who has received these gifts of music and reflects his nature and culture into a form that can be used for good purposes.

    You may play the songs of the ages of many styles that speak to us now.
    But always keep in mind that the music you perform is to be played from the heart.

    So try to capture the sorrows, joys , the experiences that lay on those music manuscripts , because on them is a story about someone’s feelings, dreams ,hopes and aspirations which can teach us about the past, present and even the future.

    As You learn about the influences of Jazz and music in general, it will become apparent that music is not only there to just play but is there to improve our intellect and share the talents we have with others and develop them into abilities.

    It is through music that we develop life skills, skills of time management, commitment, and self discipline.

    So really, Music has been created that we may have an appreciation for the One who has given us the opportunity to use it in a way to make our lives more fulfilling and perhaps even to share the God given talents we have with others.

    I hope you may have many opportunities to do so.

    © 1998 Bryon Tosoff

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Bryon Tosoff, providing piano instruction in rcm classical exam prep, & jazz, blues and pop.

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White Rock, B.C., Canada
March 3, 2000 © Bryon Tosoff