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Bryon Tosoff is an music teacher in White Rock BC Canada, he specializes in piano theory RCM Exams as well as teaching improvisation, jazz, blues and rock styles. He has many compositions which can be enjoyed at spotify

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Music Encyclopedia

An anthology of musicians and composers.

Throughout the ages, the arts have been mankinds primary form of expression.
Music, a combination of art, science and maths, continues to this day to be the dominant arena to promote mankinds genius.

Although the history of music is something I wish to add to another section of this site,
it is more important to acknowledge the men and women who have touched all our lives through their Music.

From the simplicity of plainsong and gregorian chant which had no real rhythm or harmony, to the complex works of beethovens pathetique.
From the more structured early music period of bach, handel and mozarts time, known as the Baroque Period, to todays genre of the polyrhythmic hip-hop or rap influences.

If we look beneath the styles and types of music we have access to, we will find that individual who made, created and helped evolve these styles of art forms.
Let us search the music world, and find those gleaming gems or black hearts, whether they be angels of music,
or the dark lords of the underworld, they all deserve mention and acknowledgement.

Updated January 29, 2001
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