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Music Encyclopedia

Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong ( 1900- 1971 )

Louis Armstrong is considered to be one of the Icons of American Jazz Music.

'Satchmo' lived during the most dynamic growth period of the jazz era and influenced many artists with his smooth entertaining, crowd pleasing style.

As one the premier American Jazz trumpeters, his career grew like the history of jazz itself.
He was accepted into Edward 'Kidd' Ory's New Orleans Band after the Great War in 1918.
Armstrong also performed for a time on the Mississippi riverboats, learning his craft and developing a name for himself while on the Sternwheelers in the Deep South.

After a time he joined up with Joe 'King' Oliver's band in Chicago.
Eventually Louis became a famous show business personality, while he participated in many Movies and Films and influenced the American Music scene with his traditional jazz.
It was during this time Jazz enjoyed its golden years and Armstrong prospered and so did Jazz. Later in his life he performed many times on the Ed Sullivan Variety Show.