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Music Encyclopedia

Sir Benjamin Britten ( 1913 - 1976 )

English composer born in Lowestoft-Suffolk.

Sir Benjamin attended the Royal College of Music in London.
He also lived in the United States of America prior to Americas involvement in WWII during 1938 to 1942.
His main works were of the stage and vocal genre, such as the operas Peter Grimes, Billy Budd, The Turn of the Screw and Death in Venice.
His other fine works include 'Spring Symphony' for voices and orchestra, Variations and Fuque on a Theme written by Purcell, and Lets make an Opera, for children.

Other works he composed are; Ceremony of Carols, Les Illuminations, The Rape of Lucretia, and Gloriana.

Sir Benjamin also was the founder of the Aldeburgh Music Festival which occurs on the Suffolk coast near his birthplace.