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Enrico Caruso ( 1873 - 1921 )

Enrico Caruso, born in Naples an Italian Operatic tenor.

A legend in his time and even to this day and age the name of Caruso lives on.
One of the first serious musical artists who revolutionized the status of musicians through the use of recording music.
It was this venue which catapulted Enrico into fame and fortune, and enlarged the audience base of Opera and music in general through the use of the early phonograph records.

Caruso suffered through much family turmoil and objections because of his love for music.
His parents desired Enrico to study engineering, but he pursued his passion of music and singing.
After his mothers death, he began to earn a living by singing at the age of 15.
At first, church festivals and the like. Upon his conscription into the army he received a break when one of his superior officers heard him sing and offered to arrange a teacher to help him develop his talents.

Caruso made his debut on Nov. 16, 1894 at the Teatro Nuovo in Naples. Afterwards he debuted in London in 1902, and made his way to New York.
It was here in New York he made his debut as Rigoletto at the Metropolitian Opera House.
It was here he established himself as the leading operatic figure until his death in 1921.

Caruso was considered one of the most colorful and dramatic individuals of all time in the Operatic Field.
His repertoire was unparalled, able to participate in all the chief roles in French and Italian Opera.

Enrico's voice was smooth, powerful and dramatic. He was a pioneer in the Modern Opera techniques of the bel canto school.

October 15, 2000
Bryon Tosoff
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