Italian Musical Terms and the Definitions in Their English Equivalents

F facile - light--easy

fantastico-- whimsical

fastoso-- proudly, stately

feriiia -- resolute, steady

fermata-- a pause or hold

ferinato -- firmly, resolutely

feroce -- fierce

fervente-- ardent

fervido-- vehement

festivo-- merry

festoso-- merry, gay

fiacco -- feeble, weak

fieramente-- boldly

fine --the end

finement-- acutely

flebile -- sad, mournful

forte loud -- f

forte-piano-- loud, then immediately soft

forte possibile --as loud as possible fff

fortissimo -- very loud ff

forza -- strength, power

forzando -- forced, usually on one note or chord

forzato--forced, usually on one note or chord

freddezza -- coldness

frescamente - -vigorously

fretta - -increasing the time

funerale -- mournful

fuoco - -fire, passion

furioso -- furiously

furore -- fury, rage

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