Italian Musical Terms and the Definitions in Their English Equivalents

L lacrimoso - -weeping, tearful

lamentando -- mourning

lamentoso - -mournful

languendo--same as languido

languido -- feeble, languishing

largamente -- broadly

larghetto - -not as slow as largo

largo -- slow and broad

legatissimo -- exceedingly smooth

legato - -smoothly

leggicro --lightly

leno - -feeble, faint

lentando -- with increased slowness

lento -- slow

lestamente -- quickly, lively

lesto - -lively quick

libero -- free, unrestrained

liscio -- simple, smooth

1'istesso -- the same

loco - place;return to the written register after playing an octave higher through using 8va

lontano --distant, a great way off

lugubre -- sad, mournful

lunga pausa- - a long pause

lusingando - -alluring, flattering

luttuoso -- sorrowful

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