River Dance commentary by Bryon Tosoff
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    River Dance, the Show. An experience you will never forget!
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    Riverdance, The Show. Powerful, Riveting, and Uplifting.

    This production has to be the most dynamic, powerful and energetic show I have ever seen! This is not just about dancing, this is a story of the human spirit illustrated by dance and songs.

    These aspects are skillfully interlaced together to produce a kind of musical, but that would not serve this show justice to describe it as a musical.
    It could be more a collection of different styles of music and dance of different cultures of mankind, I could almost call it a Spiritual Experience.
    It is truly a marvellous show.If this show comes to your city, you must experience it.It is remarkable.

    The energy and vitality of the youthful singers and dancers give you a show you will never forget.I have had the opportunity to have seen the Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Showboat and Joseph....,but I must say this theatre production sits at the top of my personal favourites!

    The show focuses on the evolution of the Irish dance and also other cultures. The individuals involved in the cast come from many different countries. This produces a wonderful flavour to combine different cultures and their song and dance. The Musicians are truly fantastic and really connected to the show itself. They aren't just playing great music, they are a part of the show.

    Naimah Ni Charra (Fiddle) is awesome, and gets everybody going in the audience. What a player! The haunting quality of the Uilleann pipes played by John O'Brien is spellbinding and soothing. The other aspect I really got a kick out of was Robert Harris on the Bodhran. Wow, there is so much to try to describe about this instrument and how unique a sound it really has.

    Michael Patrick Gallagher and Niamh Roddy are magnificient!

    The Irish Troupe are so incredible in precision and talent! The Orchestra, Well these are some of the finest musicians on the face of the earth. Wow, able to play just about every style and variety of Music there is.

    The Singers, talk about quality and harmonies. Sara Clancy, wonderful and so connected to her music. Michael Landra, rich tonal quality to his voice.

    The Drummers, Now here is sheer energy and power, it is no wonder people love this beat,something about the pounding and the dynamics of the Drums.

    The Moscow Folk Ballet, they really get you going. Draw you right into the Presentation. And Individual Artists, Rosa Manzano Jimenez, Van "The Man" Proter, Bril Barrett and Charles Gray are phenomenal.

    My favourites, if that is possible, because every scene is so wonderful, are Trading Taps, hilarious and a hoot! Firedance, high energy as the name signifies. And a wonderful song entitled heal their Hearts, so moving and inspiring.

    Composer Bill Whelan, Producer Moya Doherty and Director John McColgan have gone over, beyond and above in this latest version of the show, it has really developed into the best show in the world. Thanks so Much for the most wonderful gift you all have given to us. A very special gift indeed. Yes this is more then a show, it is more then dance, it is more then song. It is truly an experience, a memorable, wonderful and rich Event that you must See!

    Bryon Tosoff

April 24, 2001

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