Marina Rocks, indie Americana Rock artist

Loved working w/Bryon...,
A Kind,non-jaded,hard working promoter.
He kept me up to date,returned my calls & emails...we made progress to be proud of.

rock on...marina rocks

Marina Rocks web site is Marina's official artist website
Marina's radiosubmit.com website for download her music is Marina at RadioSubmit

Letter of Recommendation:

Bryon Tosoff & VoodooHead Productions
It has been my good fortune to have Bryon working on my behalf in the promotion to radio of my CD “Highway of Dreams” and my previous CD “I Get Lonely”.
He has exceeded my expectations in the marketing and the response to marketing that we have received since we began the marketing campaign 3 weeks ago. His ongoing efforts and timely reports keep me in-the-know, and his extensive list of contacts has given me world-wide visibility. Since my music is of several genres, he has submitted to a number of diverse radio formats, which again helps to broaden my branding in the radio marketplace. Bryon has been diligent and timely in responding to requests from me, and has been doing a great job of following up the mail outs and downloads.
I am more than happy to recommend his services to any musicians looking to expand their reach in radio.
Robert Burton Hubele
Poet of The Blues,

  • "I don't think Bryon Tosoff sleeps...his creative approach to radio promotion has little regard for 9-5 clock. He is a 24 hr multi-zoned plugged in man with incredible contacts that range from Tasmania to Croatia with a stop in El Paso Texas. His efforts have not only put us on the North American map, they have also secured us solid positions on the College radio top 40 Charts, and both International and Canadian roots charts. He has been an asset to us, helping us gain leverage as an independent Blues band in a ridiculously complicated and overly saturated market. Bryons radio promo has been an effective tool for us to use in negotiating contracts with festivals and club owners, and for that we are deeply grateful."

    Thank you
    Shawn Hall and Matt Rogers

  • I am an artist from a relatively small country (South Africa) who has the lucky experience of being "spotted" by Bryon when I started the process of putting my debut solo album together. His experience and great musical network has exposed me to radio stations in countries that would ordinarily be out of my reach. His belief in my music as well as his ability to turn that belief into action has had a huge impact on my music career, I am not sure I will ever be able to fully explain how much.
    Beverly Jayne

  • Bryon Tosoff has been most generous in his support in helping to share my music and successfully get it heard by new people particularly through Radio Submit. Bryon stands apart because he does not gush or make false promises but rather has a quiet enduring commitment and loyalty to the artists he believes in
    Elizabeth Geyer

  • Bryon Tosoff is a professional and that´s how he does business, professionally. Bryon is a strait shooter and he shoots from the hip, he does what he says and doesn´t sugar coat it. If he says it, consider it done.
    Sean Poluk

  • I am very happy with the work that Bryon Tosoff has done on my behalf. The music industry is more of a maze then ever and Bryon's extensive knowledge and experience allows him to navigate the new industry paradigm in a way that would otherwise be extremely difficult and time consuming for me to accomplish on my own.
    He often goes beyond what is expected and clearly cares about his clients. Kudos to you Bryon. I am grateful for all you do for me. It's exciting to know my tunes are being played on stations throughout the world.
    Neil Harnett

  • I've hired Bryon to do radio promotion for my last two albums. No regrets. The mans delivers. He works hard, he's got contacts, he does what he says he'll do. There are no guarantees in this business, but if he decides to work with you, he will definitely get your music in front of those who should hear it. I've had airplay in many countries as a direct result of working with Bryon. And this in turn has led to paid downloads, CD sales, and gigs.
    John Pippus

  • My name is Summer...the Sinners are my five piece band...we are from Victoria B.C. Canada...we have worked with Bryon Tosoff for the past 2 years.
    During that time Bryon has helped us garner over 300 radio stations that have played our Debut C.D. "> We have also received countless favorable reviews as well as support from D.J.'s around the world. Bryon has worked tirelessly day and night to promote this band to not just the D.J.'s but festivals, reviewers,and many others in the music industry.
    Bryon Tosoff has been our champion for not only radio airplay but recognition throughout the music industry..not only in Canada but worldwide. Bryon always makes time for us and our concerns and has been a calming support over these last 2 years....his expertise and rapport with the "people in the business" has eased our band and our sound on to radio,reviewers and industry people around the world.
    We are in the process of releasing our second C.D. "Boogie with the Devil" and have already started seeing the benefits of having Bryon Tosoff on our team. If your looking to work with someone who knows the business and will champion for the music look no futher than Bryon Tosoff - VoodooHead Productions!
    Summer and the Sinners

  • Bryon Tosoff of Voodoohead Productions is one of the most genuine, artist-friendly and consistent forces I've come across in the music industry. His steady dedication to the people he works with and believes in, in my experience, is unmatched .
    With an ability and drive to network and build his professional portfolio, he provides artists with a wide array of contacts and linkages within the music industry."
    Bonnie Ste-Croix


  • I've known Bryon for over 30 years and have always found him to be true blue. As well as being an excellent musician himself, he is a person who does what he says he'll do, and does it with care and integrity.
    Bryon is an excellent person to have in your corner, and as a musician/artist, I've certainly appreciated his advocacy, unflinching belief and support over the years.
    His enthusiasm is infectious, and people respond very positively to his energy. Bryon has made great inroads into international radio for my record The Lost Railroad Journal, and has opened a lot of doors for me and my music. These are all glowing words, but they are the truth!
    Daniel Ross


  • Since working with Bryon Tosoff and Voodoohead productions my radio presence has increased ten fold.
    Bryon offered suggestions on how best to work within my limited budget, always kept the lines of communication open with status reports, updates on relevant issues, and has always achieved results.
    As well as conventional radio, Bryon has introduced me and my music to Digital Distribution systems, publicists, booking agents, and numerous websites.
    I consider Bryon Tosoff and Voodoohead productions an invaluable part of my marketing and promotional team and look forward to working with him on my next project.
    Joe Stanton - singer/songwriter www.joestanton.com


  • I've just started working with Bryon and already doors are opening that were previously closed to me.,br> He's a hard working, dependable, and dedicated professional with the kind of promotional savvy and connections that every artist needs, especially in the music business. Bryon is definitely a supportive team player and I'm glad to have him in my corner.
    Angie McCauley - singer songwriter


  • MUD DOG BLUES BAND I was first introduced to Bryon Tosoff's, Voodoohead Productions,digital, radio music promotion, through my friends, The Blue Voodoo, whom Bryon had successfully promoted for several years. During the summer of 2011, we released our 3rd CD, Mud Dog ~ SUN, that we had recorded at Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee.
    I wanted to ensure that this special recording would get heard and began to explore options for effectively promoting our CD to radio.
    I contacted Bryon via email and we immediately began to collaboratively plan which songs to release from SUN. Bryon also suggested that we include the best tunes from Mud Dog's previous catalogue in order to re-release great tunes that had not yet received adequate radio play.
    Within 24 hours of our first communication, Bryon had created a Radio Submit page for Mud Dog and within 48 hours we were getting our first downloads from Canada, the UK and Australia. Within our first week we had approximately 80 downloads and by the end of two months our Radio Submit site had logged over 200 downloads. In addition, Bryon had provided me with his longtime personal contacts for music programmers of major syndicated blues stations in the USA that quickly play-listed our tunes.
    In November 2011, SUN climbed to #24 on the Canadian Roots Music Charts. In addition, songs from our previous catalogue were also receiving airplay in new markets such as Australia and the UK. Working with Bryon was enjoyable and highly educational. He did an amazing job tenaciously and professionally promoting our CD and I, therefore, highly recommend Voodoohead Productions for promoting your CD to radio.
    Steve Sainas, Mud Dog mud dog blues band


  • My Name is Cheryl Casselman, Canadian Singer Songwriter and Recording Artist.
    I have been working for many years as an Independent in the music business, and you know, I think I might finally be getting somewhere! Not without the help of many along the road and I just want to recognize Bryon Tosoff my radio promoter.
    Bryon works with me promoting my music. I can see the results, my name is popping up on sites and in radio spots, I know Bryon is working very hard! You know when you Google yourself and you find that you are on about 5 new spots that you never even knew about?
    That is pretty exciting, knowing that your music is getting out there and being listened to and getting airplay. On a personal note, I have found Bryon to be a true professional in this business and to be perfectly honest, I respect the hell out of that! Thank you Bryon for your hard work and professionalism!
    Sincerely Cheryl Casselman


    Voodoohead Productions, Radio Promotions "Building Careers for the Blue Collar Musician"