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Clarification and Information Bulletin†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† April 14, 2003


Missed Lessons

Enrolling in lessons is a purchase of teacher services & studio time, prepared in advance to be free from distractions. Since the time passes whether a student uses it or not, a lesson missed is time lost. As a courtesy to your teacher, a 24-hour notice of missing a lesson is appreciated, but will not be excused from payment of lessons, which has been contracted and which is clearly indicated in the registration agreement contract form. Each studentís lesson time has been set aside and reserved for the entire teaching year from September 8th 2003 to June 13th 2004.



No Lessons will be rescheduled for activities that interfere with a studentís lesson time, including School Functions involving extra-curricular activities such as Sports Events, Plays, Exchange Programs or Night School Courses. Holidays outside the regular Christmas and Spring Break will not be refunded for or made up as per registration agreement contract.

Other Activities that interfere with a studentís lesson time such as Birthday Parties, Doctor or Dental Appointments also are included in this policy. No Exceptions.


In the event of a family emergency or circumstances beyond a families or individuals control such as extended sickness, exceptions will be made as follows:


If an individual is sick and an opening comes available later on in the week I will offer that time, if the individual is unable to make that time, no other times will be offered and there will be no extra make-up lessons under any circumstances due to sickness other than the one offered as indicated above.


Exchange of Lesson Times

For those who wish to participate in this program, please let be know as I will not be teaching on Fridays or Weekends next year. It is indicated on the registration form.

My Schedule will be Monday through Thursday only. Make up lessons will not be done under any circumstances. Students who have conflicts may exchange with others and a list of participants will be made and distributed to those who are interested.

These polices protect the integrity and structure of this business. As in any educational service the most valuable resource are the clients and the patronage they provide.But in order to provide the best service, these above policies must be enforced and adhered to in order to be fair to all my clients.


Bryon Tosoff