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Italian Musical Terms and the Definitions in Their English Equivalents
cabaletta- this is a melody style which is of a simplistic style.
The character is an air with a rhonda like form.

Cachucha - A spanish dance in triple time. A bolera like style.

Cadence - A shake or a trill or a close in harmony.

Authentic or Perfect Cadence: This is a perfect or Complete V-1 Cadence.
The V being the dominant chord progressing to the tonic or the I.

Church or the Plagal Cadence - This is the IV - I Cadence used often with the Amen at the end of a hymn.

Deceptive Cadence - This is generally the V - VI Cadence.

Imperfect Cadence - The imperfect cadence progresses from the Tonic to the Dominant Chord, I - V.

cadenza - an ornamental passage near the end of a solo

calando - gradually decreasing the time and tone

calcando - hurrying the time

calmato tranquility

caloroso warmth, animation

camera - quite literally meaning chamber, a term which has compostions written especially for private presentations.

caminando - in a flowing quality, more at a gentle progression.

campana - bell.

campanella- a tiny or little bell.

canon - The Pachabel Canon is accepted as the most famous and best loved Canon of all.
The Canon follows a specific pattern, it adheres to the most strictest form of contrapuntal compostion.
This pattern is able to have variations within the patterns. The above mentioned composition is an excellent source to understand the concept and hear the progressions and wonderful melody line.

cantabile - in a singing style

cantando - in a singing style

cantere - to sing or more at celebrate.

cantica - ( Canticle ) the ancient laudi or the sacred songs of the Roman Catholic Church.

canticle - As above - a most sacred hymn or compostion, a non-meterical hymn praising The God of the Bible, the Father, the Holy Spirit or Jesus Christ the Saviour.

cantilena - melody or air. This is the most principal part in all compositions which is the main melody line.

canto - song, melody

cantor - a singer or one who chants

Cantus Gregorian - Otherwise known as the Gregorian Chant. This a style of choral music. widely accepted to be Pope Gregory who introduced this style of music.

Gregorian Modes ; Gregorian Tones - The chants used in the Roman Catholic church, adapted from the ancient Greek Modes following the natural scale of C, although they have different progressive patterns.

capo - the beginning, the top

cappella - a church, a band Of musicians that play in a church

carezzando - in a tender manner

carita tenderness, feeling

celere quick, rapid

cembalo - a harpsichord

col - with the

colia voce - with the voice

coll'areo - with the bow

coloratura - ornamental passage in vocal music

come as, like

come prima - as before

comodo - quietly, easily

compiacevole agreeable

con - with (for various phrases beginning with con see other words)

concento - harmony of voices and instruments

con sordini - in strings, with mutes; in piano, with dampers, that is the damper pedal is not to be used.

continuo without cessation

contralto - the deepest female voice

crescendo - gradually louder

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