Italian Musical Terms and the Definitions in Their English Equivalents


da - by, from, for, etc. da capo - a sign at the end of a movement indicating that the player must return to the beginning.

da capo al fine return to the beginning and play to the word "fine"

dal, dalle, dalla - from the, by the, etc.

dal segno - repeat from the sign

debile weak, feeble

deciso in a bold manner

decrescendo gradually getting softer

delicato - delicately

destra the right hand

devoto - religious

di - of, with, from, etc.

difficile - difficult

dignita - grandeur

diluendo gradual dying away until no sound is left

diminuendo gradually getting softer

di molto - very much

disciolto -- skillful, dexterous

discreto discreetly

di sopra - above

disperato with desperation

divisi - separated (half the players play the upper notes, and the others play the lower notes.

dolce sweetly

dolente sorrowful

dolore grief, sorrow

doloroso sorrowfully

dopo after

doppio movimento twice as fast

drammatico dramatic

deritta, deritto - the right hand

due corde - two strings -- the una corda pedal is to be put half-way down

duo two, in two parts

duolo sorrow, sadness

duro harsh, rude

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