Piano Teacher Bryon Tosoff teaches RCM piano and theory for exams, also jazz, pop, blues and improvisation. White Rock BC.
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Bryon Tosoff has lived in the semiahmoo peninsula area for 26 years. He has been involved in the piano teaching business for over 20 years. His Piano Studio, Tosoff Music Services, has been established now for 15 years in South Surrey-White Rock.

Bryons' background in classical, jazz pop and blues genres lends itself to the student becoming proficient in maintaining a variety of musical styles. He will be able to teach you any style of piano performance you choose.

Piano Teaching Methods.

Boris Berlin Method is used as it is designed to assist the younger beginner the basics in note reading, simple theory application, writting out song they have learned and musical terms.

Also incorporate Faber systems, and Dan Coates five finger magic techniques to augment students progress and increase their interest with simple pop tunes!

Older Beginners:

Musicianship for older beginners as published by James Bastien used. Simple Classical and Popular teachings are incorporated into this system to provide an expanded base of piano repertoire.

Bryon also has developed a Jazz, Blues and Improvisation Courses for Adults with previous piano experience. It is also suitable for Piano Teachers who have had little exposure to this genre and wish to augment their understanding and be able to teach their own students the fundementals of jazz, blues ideas.

The courses are 10 weeks in length and will provide a good base to work from. Not only is it a fun and enjoyable experience for teachers, it will enable them to supplement their repertoire and help them with their own students they teach offering them insight into chord substitutions, arranging and improvisational techniques.

For more information about these offereings please visit Jazz, Blues and Improvisation Piano Course

Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program
Music Theory, Harmony, History

Theory and RCM Piano Examination preparation is another one of his attributes. Students who choose this certificate program enable themselves more effectively by the training and goal setting in this area.

Jazz, Pop, and Blues

A specialty bryon offers here in the South Surrey Area.
Students are able to develop skills and abilities here not readily available with many piano instructors.
He provides exercises in the circle of fifths, improvisation instruction, chord substitutions and voicings to songs the music student is learning. The key element to success here is enjoyment and repetoire development. The student will develop a solid background in understanding how jazz, blues and pop songs are constructed.
Also they will be able to have an excellent number of songs at their disposal for that wedding, party or gig to perform at. As you can see bryons background in this area will offer the student that extra dimension in piano performance.

For more info call Bryon Tosoff for an interview at 531-9828 or Cell 785-5706 or go to Piano Fee Schedule and to view registration and tuition fee information go to Registration Form

Studio Hours: Monday through Thursday, 11:00 Am to 9:00 Pm

15690 Buena Vista Ave.
White Rock, B.C., Canada, V4B 1Z5
Phone 604-531-9828


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